Sunday, September 7, 2008

Okay ... I'm going to try and condense my thoughts a little this time. Typing up an epic just doesn't sound fun right now.


MMO News:

LotRO -> Still haven't touched. Probably never will again.

CoX -> Haven't even thought about it since I last quit. Even after seeing the Dark Knight. Imagine that.

EVE -> Somehow I'm hooked again. Kofi is still training, and playing the odd time, but mostly doesn't touch it. I got another co-worker hooked /somehow/. He going to sub after his trial. I guess the screenies I uploaded to Facebook and the odd talk about it at work got him interested. That, and he's got a pretty bad case of WoW burnout. Even Wrath of the Lich King doesn't get him all excited.

I'm mostly hooked cause I have people to chat with and team up with. It's nice. Solo MMOing just isn't my thing as much now.

WAR -> It comes out this month, and I really have zero interest in playing it. I love the Warhammer universe (mostly the 40k stuff), but this looks like WoW 2.0, with shittier PvE and GFX that don't even compare to LotRO. Nevermind comparing it to the GFX in EVE. I saw some screenshots and they looked so bland. Boo-urns for making a game that can run on /anyone's/ PC. Give me some eye-candy, yo!



What TV? It's summer!

Though the new seasons of BSG and Terminator are getting me excited. Hope they are good.
*crosses fingers*



Gears of War -> Inferno and I have co-op'd this almost to the end. It's been loads of fun. I doubt I would say that if I was playing it on a 360. I hate controllers for FPS games.

Guild Wars -> Haven't touched this since last time. The story is weak, and without henchmen I die too much. Quests are simple "kill X" and "fetch Y". Lame. Maybe if Inferno and I played together. But I'd rather play NWN2 for that. Better plot.

World in Conflict -> Managed a couple more missions in the SP. Played mostly MP with Kofi. He bought a copy for his brother and his buddy (who I also know, semi-well), so the four of us can play together. We got schooled last night, but that was cause the other team was stacked and we had some epic n00bs on our team.

Dawn of War -> Sadly, Kofi and I haven't played this at all since I got World in Conflict. I still like it, but in a different way than WiC. Base building is a bit more tedious, but then we aren't relying on other people on our team. WiC can be a huge frustration if our team is epic fail. I also haven't done more than 1 mission in the SP. Probably should give it another shot.

NWN2 -> Inferno and I haven't got far, but our schedules haven't worked out the last while, and he's been spending time with the girlfriend. I won't give him a hard time for that.

FEAR Perseus Mandate -> Since I really felt in the mood for a FPS game, I reinstalled this to give it another shot. I cranked it to Hard, so it's actually a challenge. But only cause the enemies do more DMG. They are still kinda stupid. After playing the best players out there in the original FEAR, AI just doesn't compare. I really miss playing FEAR, but sadly, no one plays it anymore. I was thinking Call of Duty 4 could possibly fill this niche, but I'd have to get a legitimate copy to play online.

All the other games like Freelancer, Sins of a Solar Empire, STALKER and Crysis still sit there. I can't be arsed to finish STALKER or Crysis. They both lost me for different reasons. Freelancer got boring the minute I earned a huge armoured transport that could 1 shot small pirate ships. And they couldn't even dent my shields. Sins I never really got into. Maybe if I played it MP with Inferno like we did with Master of Orion 2. That would be kinda cool, I think. Perhaps after we wrap up Gears.


New Games:

Spore came out today, and I was thinking about getting it. But I got bored with the creature creator after like 4 hours, so how much is the game going to appeal to me? It looks like it's pretty simple, and once you get to the galactic stage, it makes it look like the game is more of a sandbox than anything. Screw around, do fun stuff for a bit, then stop playing.

I already mentioned Warhammer Online.

The only other game that looks cool is the Force Unleashed, and that still looks a bit arcadey to me. The stormtroopers are firing like mad, but your guy never gets hit? And he can toss shit everywhere, destroying stuff in it's path? Is this like a god-mode game or something? :S

Fallout 3 might be okay, but it looks like Oblivion in a post apocalyptic setting. They even had the same NPC face on some guy in the trailers. WTF? Lazy much, Bethesda? On the fence with this one.



Nothing since the last entry, mostly cause field season is still going, so my friends are all out of town. We're trying to set up a schedule for the Fall/Winter to get things done, so hopefully that helps. Missing people will be run by other players and so forth. Blake and I are both getting a little tired of all the half-finished shit we've got going.



I got heat exhaustion a while back, so it wasn't fun. It took me about a week to get back to 100% again. Mostly my appetite. I don't know why. It was one of the worst experiences in my life. I don't recommend it.


And that's it. Hope it was brief enough! o/

The Rev.

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