Friday, July 4, 2008

Here again with his monthly update of news you really couldn't care less about it's the Rev! :P


Rather than talk about EVE specifically, I'll just start with my MMO news, or "blues" to be more precise.

I haven't touched EVE since last post. I'm training Amarr Battleship to lvl 5, and it's 34+ days or something. Still 12 days left I believe. Though I did get a promo email about re-activating my account for 14 days for free. At least it read as 14 days free. Maybe it's only if I reactivate, then I get 45 days instead of the usual 30.

Pfft. If it's the latter, I think I'll pass. Even though the new expansion "Empryean Age" is out and the Factional Warfare (FW) I longed for is a part of it, I really don't have a desire to play. Maybe cause I saw the way EVE PvP really is when I was in Red vs. Blue (time consuming for a few fleeting moments of fun). Maybe cause the FW PvP doesn't do anything, even though you can "capture" systems for your faction. Or maybe cause I keep reading about how the Gallente faction is using Nanohacs to speed-tank and basically make themselves nigh-invulnerable. Nano ships are the current Flavour of the Month (FOTM) for PvPers who want use near broken game mechanics to ensure they never die, and therefore, never lose their precious ships. It's caused the EVE forums to break out in "Nanos are ghey", "Nerf Nanos" and "Nanos are overpowered" type of posts all over the place.

Perhaps the CCP Devs will finally step in and balance Nanos with everything else. It's been long enough, and has caused enough frustration as did all the previously broken FOTM setups.

In other MMO news, Inferno and I haven't played LotRO at all in a very long time. He's stopped playing his higher level Champion as he's hit all group only quests, and can't even solo them being much higher level.

I haven't played at all since we both logged in, so I cancelled my account the other day. I'm not paying for something I'm never using.

Also, I went and re-subbed to City of Heroes the other week. But this time it was kind of a mistake, as I thought there was a code I could use to get 14 days free, then your account would be billed. I thought it was for old subscribers to be able to come back and see what's new. But it was actually 14 days free on top of your normal monthly sub. So I ended up paying for another month. And what's even more annoying, is that the guy I got the code from got 14 days free added to his account. He was just some guy posting on the forums. I see he's put up free codes for people to use almost every day. The bastard must have /months/ of free time added to his account, all by not giving people the straight facts.

Aside from that, CoX is fun, but I've hit the spot I always seem to hit when I come back. And that's the fact that I get lonely. Even though I'm in a channel with like 6 people, no one talks. It's ghey to the max. I've tried to start some conversations but they seem to quickly go nowhere. I'm not sure if people are all soloing, and are busy fighting mobs. Or are busy RPing. Either way, they're not talking. No one seems to even mention that they are logging off. I go check sometimes, and 3+ people have left, without a word. It seems like a very weird group, and not at all the same as I remembered it.

I even contemplated taking my alts and trying to find an active RP group so that I had people to talk to. Maybe I could get interested in the game again. Who knows. It would at least make the game more interesting than soloing all the time, seeing the same content I have done time and time again.

I dunno. Whatever way it goes, I cancelled my account to CoX as well. I haven't really played it that much in the last week or so anyways, so I'm not sure if I'll really miss it.


I haven't watched TV since the finales of Smallville and Battlestar. Both were letdowns, IMO. Smallville moreso than Battlestar.


I finished GTA IV a while ago, after 60+ hours or something like that. Took me about as long as San Andreas, but I think I liked GTA IV better. The action was more gritty, and the whole environment was more alive. San Andreas is a slightly better sandbox but GTA IV had far better characters, animations, environment, story and gameplay. It sucks that I've finished it, but that was an eventuality anyways.

I've tried the multiplayer, and it was fun, but I just don't see the overall appeal to it. Some of the people are downright ignorant, or just plain retards. The one guy saying it was the white man's duty to report any "niggers" was one asshole that soured the whole experience for me.

Oh well, I've got Live! Gold now, so if I happen to have a cool MP game I want to try with the few people I know on XBox, I can. It's not that expensive, and it's better to have when I need it, than not.

I've thought about getting some new 360 games, but I can't seem to find anything that I'd really enjoy. Gears of War might be interesting to play Co-op with Inferno, but then there's the PC version of it.


Speaking of Inferno, he's been the odd one lately. Not really playing his PC or anything, and not doing much in particular. I haven't been able to hang out with him as much recently as our schedules are completely opposite for the time being. Perhaps that's it. Though these last couple days he's been seeing this new girl so his mood seems to be picking up.

Maybe it's just the heat this last week. It's been 30C or close to for the last while, and our house is like a sauna. I've been forced to move my PC to the basement just to not get heatstroke, and have something to occupy my time (the basement's pretty empty otherwise).


And lastly in tabletop news our group has barely managed to get together in a long time. I think we had 2 sessions since last post, and both were very short. We've fallen back to DnD for the time being, as my one friend who was GMing wanted to wrap up the scenarios he had left in mid adventure.

We've done the one scenario and actually should have all died, but he fudged the rolls (we all know he did) and we finished the last big boss. We thought it was actually just some side enemy, but it turned out it was the true "end boss". We totally didn't see it coming, and it made the whole scenario somewhat anti-climactic.

Oh well, at least that part is over.

We did the first half of the 2nd scenario the other night, and it was kind of fun. Even though there was minimal fighting, and mostly RPed the whole time. I got to play the Lawful Good guardsman who does his duty to help the rest of the party. He's a throwaway NPC for now (ie. a "Redshirt" from Star Trek), but he's been pretty fun to play. I got to harass the PCs and basically call them thugs and scum. It was great and the DM seemed quite amused at it. He's the one who suggested the character to me.

It should be interesting to see how combat goes with this character, as he's basically a Tank, and has huge Armour Class (AC). He can even pump up his AC at the cost of hitting stuff (ie. by dropping his attack bonus). Should make him very hard to hit. Kind of what the party needs when the only other fighter type is Inferno's Ranger who does lots of damage, but can't take a beating at all.

I think my one problem with our buddy DMing is that he tends to use published scenarios. It was great for Cyberpunk cause he tied the whole scenario into our existing storylines and character backgrounds. But the DnD modules have never seemed to be based around us. They always feel like random adventures thrown at us.


In a personal side note to tabletop, I've started a Werewolf: the Forsaken game for just me, Inferno and our one buddy who DMs the DnD games. The three of us have been gaming together the longest, so I figured a setting where we get to play the Narrativist type of game we all enjoy would be cool. Also, the three of us seem to be the ones that are the most available, so this gives us something to play if the rest of the group isn't around.

As well, after watching the Diablo 3 trailers and looking at the concept art, I've started working on a horror-themed fantasy game, set in my own gameworld I developed a few years ago, using the GURPS ruleset. I figured it would be a cool way to introduce GURPS to the ones in our group who haven't tried it, and I know now that Fantasy is the preferred genre for at least 2 of the other guys.

The horror element is my way of having a slightly different tone than our current DnD games, and I'd also like to get more into non-combat stuff and roleplaying. Investigating strange occurrences in a horror setting should be an easy way to facilitate that. Plus, I'd like to use a lot of undead and the like, so horror just fits better.


Also in tabletop, our one friend told us that that girl who had joined us and seemed to be looking is now a couple with our one tabletop buddy (who we haven't seen in weeks). He thought it was kind of funny. I'm also amused to think of what it's going to be like when we're all gaming together again. Or if she's going to not come now because they're dating. Or not come now cause she's got what she was looking for, ie. a guy. Or as me and two of the other guys said, her "backup guy". It's kind of what she did with our other DnD buddy, who moved away. Hopefully that's not going to happen again.

Should be an interesting time once everyone is back together though. I'll keep you updated. :P


That seems to be about it. Hopefully I'll update this earlier than next month. Makes it easier for you to read, and easier for me cause I don't have to type so much.

The Rev.