Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Well, there's been some new stuff since last entry, so I'd better fill you in.


In EVE, I haven't played since the last post, and it seems the Red vs. Blue idea is falling apart. Or at least, having some serious troubles. Blue seems to attract all the third party war declarations and they continuously have troubles with teaming, AFKers, and general lack of drive to fight. It was the same when I was playing, but now it seems worse. Plus, I doubt the Blue pilots really like going to look for fights with Reds, only to get ganked by a blob of third party enemies.

I don't think Kofi is even playing right now, as he hasn't mentioned it at all. And he keeps trying to get me to play Team Fortress 2 with him.

Oh well, maybe I can leave EVE alone for a while. Let CCP have the time to actually fix/add some stuff to the game.


I finished season 3 of Battlestar Galactica a while ago too. Can't wait until season 4 starts up in April. It's sooo good.

I finally got Inferno to watch the start of season 1 too. He seemed to really enjoy it, but was saying how he doesn't want to watch it now cause "it'll be all bad". I think he's referring to knowing who one of the Cylons are. But it wasn't like he got a spoiler or anything. It was revealed in the episode we watched.


It also got me wanting to play a space game again, so I re-installed Freelancer, again. Lost my ID code so I had to make a new character on Inferno's server, but I managed to get higher than we had got in less time. Helps that I know the best trade route in the starter system.


The reason I had to re-install Freelancer is cause I upgraded my computer, /again/. This time I got a quad core CPU, 4GB of RAM, an 8800GT card, a 500GB hard drive and a new motherboard and DVD burner. The whole rig is fucking sweet, and it can run everything I have at max resolution with all the settings maxed. Except for Crysis, of course. But I haven't even re-installed that yet. Don't know if I will either. It wasn't all that great, story-wise. Gameplay was cool, and graphics were top notch. But the story was the same old shit. I just couldn't get through it.

Right now I only have a few games installed. And I'm really only playing a couple. I had to backup all my Steam games (Half-Life 2, TF2, Portal, etc.) as well as STALKER and Sins of a Solar Empire. They are the only games I have installed. And I'm only really playing STALKER, once and a while. It didn't save my game when I backed it up, so I've had to start all over again. And it's kind of pissed me off.

Aside from those, I also have Lord of the Rings Online installed. o.O


I'm sure you're wondering what possessed me to do that, but I was curious about the game for a while. Mostly from getting the emails about getting it for cheap every so often. So I DLed the trial, hoping it would give me my needed little fix, and let me go after the 7 days were up. Sadly, it didn't work and I bought the game.

BUT ... it only cost me $9.99, so it's not a bad deal. And I'm sure I'll get more fun out of my first month than I ever would with EVE Online. Having an actual avatar to look at really makes me enjoy an MMO. I can actually get immersed in the world and lose myself a little. I haven't really played it much since I paid for it, but that's okay. I plan on being more casual with it, so that I don't get burned out, and also so I can keep balance in my life. I don't want to slip back into the WoW days when I did nothing else with my free time.

I even gave Inferno a trial key, but I think that's a bad idea. He's got the worst addiction to video games I've ever seen. He did /absolutely nothing/ the other day but play UFO: Aftermath all day. All day.


As for the tabletop front, we've moved towards GURPS for the most part now, as our one friend is the minority now. We did play a huge all-day session on Good Friday to wrap up the one DnD campaign, but that was because our GM was back in town for the weekend, and we needed to finish things off. It's not good to leave a game hanging in the middle of an adventure/battle/etc. People forget what's happening and it almost never gets resolved.

Hopefully we can convince the remaining two guys to game more often with the 4 of us left. The one guy is ridiculously busy and the other guy doesn't want to play anything other than DnD for some odd reason. Roleplaying is roleplaying, no matter the game system. Learning a different system is sometimes fun, and a change in setting is always a breath of fresh air. One can only stand so much Fantasy.


Well, that seems like about all of it.

Until next time,
The Rev.

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