Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ugh ....

I'm bored. Soooo bored. :(

It seems my PC gaming has pretty much run dry and the 360 has absolutely nothing either. There are a couple games I've contemplated for both, but none of them get me excited.

I'm sure it's not helping that there's /absolutely nothing/ decent on TV anymore since the writers are still on strike. I really miss Heroes and Smallville. They weren't excellent, but they were at least entertaining.

Right now I've got nothing to do with my spare time. I'll break it down for you.

- Call of Duty 4 (the roomies and I never seem to have time for this anymore, sadly. And 3 person deathmatches get a little repetitive after a while.)
- Crysis (half through, can't bring myself to play. So mediocre/obvious in story.)
- FEAR: Perseus Mandate (SP is so boring compared to MP. Graphics seem weak too, and story hasn't engaged me at all. Sadly no one plays the original MP anymore.)
- FF vs. TTR (basically shelved this one. No challenge as I can min/max and make unkillable heroes. Weak Nazi era heroes just piss me off)
- Jade Empire (got a copy of this and found it lacking severely. Controls are shit, camera sucks, and story is "meh". GFX aren't shit hot either, and areas are very linear.)
- NWN2: MotB (waiting to see if Inferno and I will play through both NWN2 and this co-op. I've finished the original campaign, but playing co-op might be fun.)
- Rainbow Six: Vegas (also got a copy of this, and found it okay, but not something I really feel like playing right now. Too slow, and I dislike the controls. The cover elements in Mass Effect were better, IMO. Roomies want to play it co-op, but we never have time anymore, so it looks like this won't do it either.)

- Skate (it's been fun, but it's got to the point where it's become too repetitive. Maybe if I could play MP on Live it would be more fun. Also, the insane tricks required for some of the challenges are ridiculous.)
- rest are finished and/or don't have any replayability

As for MMO-Land, EVE seemed to be okay for a while, and I even trained up an alt for the Red vs. Blue PvP, but I'm really doubting whether I want to actually join them. EVE combat is kind of slow (read: fucking slow), so I can't see how the PvP is going to be better. Sure, there's real loss when you die, but the Red vs. Blue PvP is all in cheap ships as to make it light on the wallet. Thus, it becomes almost trivial to die. So with the loss of a real penalty, and slow combat, there doesn't seem like a lot of reason to do it in the first place. Plus, I can't seem to coordinate any time to play with Kofi, as our schedules have been almost completely opposite lately.


Speaking of work, looks like I'm going to end up on graveyard shifts for at least a week. I'm hoping that's it, as I really like working days now, and the guys on nights are fucking annoying. A couple of them are okay, but the majority of them are idiots. Plus, it's just them to talk to, and I like dealing with customers, seeing Kofi and my other work friends, chatting with the lovely ladies, etc. About the only two things going for nights are a $2/hr higher wage and the fact that it's more casual. But the tradeoff is I lose any semblance of a fucking life. Sucks ....


Le sigh.

I really need a break right now. Holidays or something.
The Rev.

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