Monday, January 28, 2008

Hmm ...

Seems EVE didn't take me very long to get bored with. I cancelled my account today, but I still have 2 weeks left. Luckily, I re-activated during the promo for old subscribers, so it only cost me $9.99 for the month.

Basically, it's come back to doing the same things over and over again, and where I can go from here. Level 4 missions aren't very challenging, and I can mostly solo them all, so doing them in a duo with Kofi just slows down my ISK/hr. Though the duo salvaging/looting is a lot faster, which is nice. But I think I've done all the level 4 missions now, so there's nothing new there.

As for other things in EVE, I really don't have any goals for ships I want to get. Especially since all they will do is allow me to do more level 4 missions. Kofi keeps talking about level 5's, but he doesn't seem to understand that they are less efficient for ISK/hour, require motherships or larger vessels, and are all in low-sec, so the risk of dying to player pirates is quite high. I also don't care about level 5's as they will simply be bigger versions of level 4 missions. Just increase the NPC ship sizes and possibly throw in a few more. The NPCs don't change, just their ship sizes.

It's not like most other MMOs where you start facing mobs that are totally new after a while. CoX is a great example of that. Hellions and Skulls aren't like the CoT nor the Tsoo, the Tsoo aren't like the Devouring Earth, etc. You feel a real sense of accomplishment and more powerful when you start facing new, tougher mobs. And you can go back and stomp those old, weaker mobs. EVE isn't quite like that, as all the NPCs can be fought throughout the game. You can still be fighting the same frigate NPCs in a level 4 mission as you fought in level 1s. The only difference is that in a level 4, there are bigger ships there as well.

Plus, in EVE, once you get a good tank and know the damage resistances/vulnerabilities of the NPCs, you can school them all the time. It's only when you do something stupid like grab aggro from an entire pocket or fit the wrong tank do you run into trouble.

But the biggest reason for me cancelling was because I watched some Warhammer Online videos on YouTube, and realized how much I miss the avatar portion of an MMO. Being a ship in EVE just doesn't do it for me, unfortunately. At least Earth and Beyond had the ability to zoom down and see your character in the cockpit. It just gave you that sense that if you wanted to see your character, you could. EVE doesn't have that. Plus I find it completely immersion breaking. I cannot see the galaxy of EVE as a world, it's simply a game, and that doesn't interest me in the slightest.

About the only thing that might keep me playing is the Red vs. Blue corp war that some players cooked up. They made two corps, named one "Red." and the other "Blue." and mutually declared war. Now they allow anyone to join, try to keep the sides equal in number and just PVP with each other. Most of the time it's in cheap frigs and cruisers with all cheap gear. But they can have fun PVPing, and not have to worry about the politics and time requirements of 0.0 warfare.

Sounds like it could be fun. I might roll up an alt and join them to see. That way I can test it out, and not worry about not being able to rejoin my noob corp. I like some of the people I know there, and they are generally nice.


As for Warhammer Online (WAR), I was impressed with the graphics, but I didn't get to see much of the gameplay, and the bits I did see look very "whack-a-mole". I don't know if I can stand that kind of gameplay anymore. At least I'm not alone in my gaming troubles though. Our roomie downstairs is feeling the same way too. He wishes he had an MMO to play too, as they aren't something you can beat in less than a week. He played Asheron's Call way back when, and WoW around the time I did (2 years ago+). We've both run out of SP games to play, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of new ones coming out for a few months.

I think the only one in the near future I want to play is GTA 4. And that's like March or April. Boo ....

I might just have to try out some trials/demos for games and see if I can find something to pass the time for a while. That, or maybe there's a good NWN2 persistent-world server out there that I can play on. One with RPing and stuff. Could be something new to try.


We'll see. But for now, I need to go to sleep. Work tomorrow.

Later folks,
The Rev.

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