Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Okay ...

Surprised doesn't quite describe it. It's not luck, nor fate or anything of the sort.
Maybe it's simply a "realization"?

I dunno. But whatever it is, I like it.


What I'm talking about, of course, is playing CoX again. And the feeling it's given me.

I'm actually having FUN.
Imagine that.

Especially with my past complaints about the game. Not that they're all gone, or whatever. Some of them are there. Sure the combat can get repetitive. Sure there are a lot of reused maps. Sure, there's not really anything to do outside of combat, except RP.

But there are a few things that I like now.
One, there are the police band missions for CoH. And the Safeguard mishs that accompany them. Police band mishs are great considering that they seem to only give you ones in that particular zone. So, no running across multiple zones just to do a mish.

I tried my first Safeguard mish today, and it was a lot of fun. It would've been a lot easier had I known that the Vandals marker was on the map. But hey, live and learn. I still managed to beat it handily. And, the bonus temp power of a 2 hr duration jetpack was /very nice/. I can't describe how much I hated the pre-travel power part of the game. At least Heroes side. The Villains stick to one zone for each level range, so they have it easy. Now Heroes can do the same, albeit they have to miss out on storyarc missions if they ignore their contacts. And the resulting Enhancement stores. But they've been fairly unneeded ever since the shops got all the enhancements when people complained.

So, now I have a Jet pack and I can actually get around half decent. Awesome.

As for the other factors I used to dislike, the lag seems much better. I only had 1 episode that lasted a few seconds in the span of a few hours. Much better than before.

There are still glitches they haven't fixed. Like the mobs leaning against walls that don't fight back. Exploiters heaven or what? You'd think the Devs would make that a top priority or something. I still can't run the game fullscreen and Alt-Tab out of the game. Otherwise the graphics go all screwy on me. But that's some deal with ATI cards, and I've come to the realization that ATI drivers are the /worst ever/. Hell, I figured that out when I uninstalled their Catalyst Control Panel and installed a 3rd party one. Not only does the 3rd party one use less resources (like 1/10th the RAM), it has more features and is easier to use. Plus I could never get my s-Video to TV plug to work with the ATI ones. With the 3rd party ones, it's a snap.

And there's always been stuff about CoX that I love: The comic book setting, the fast paced combat, the soloability, it's casual friendly nature.

And most of all, the people. You guys know who you are.


So, overall, the game isn't that different, but for some reason it's got me hooked again. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm betting it's cause I tried a couple other MMOs and have been away for a while now. Last time I /really/ played CoX (other than the 2 different week long "returns" I had) was in June or July. That's like 7 months ago! Talk about a long time.

No wonder everyone was like "Holy crap!" when I popped into the game. Heh. I even got a bit of a ribbing from the one guy. He was all like, "So how long are you back for this time? ". I can understand it too. I was seesawing back and forth so much before I left it was ridiculous. Even I would have given me the gears over it.


So, CoX has me entertained for the time being (hopefully for good, or at least a long while), and EVE has become the "log in, set skill training, log out" game now. Actually, it was like that long before I wanted to go back to CoX.

Hell, now that I think of it ... it's almost /always/ been like that. How is that good? There's no way you would ever impress someone with that and make them want to play.

"Hey, how long have you been playing EVE?"
"Oh, about 8 months or so."
"Wow! It must be really cool then, eh? What do you usually do?"
"I log in, set my skill training, and then logoff."
"That's it? You don't do anything else?"
"Not really, no."
"Umm ... okay."

Yeah, you get my drift.


In other news, BF2142 is pissing me and Kofi off immensely. We've tried playing a couple times but it seems like all the servers are lagged to hell, or we keep loosing our connections to the EA Master server. It's fucking brutal. And when I try and log back in, it takes /forever/ or just ends up hanging on me. Great .....

EA has got to have the /worst matchmaking service EVER/. All Kofi and I want to do is play the damn game. But sometimes we just can't. And the stupid part is we usually play at weird hours. So there shouldn't be a ton of lag or any problems like that.

Kofi was seriously pissed last night, moreso than me. He had been /trying/ to play for a couple hours before I logged on. I don't think we even got more than 1 round in before the connection screwups made it impossible to play. We actually ended up playing FEAR, which we /never/ do anymore. Kofi doesn't like it as much as you usually end up getting killed from the side, and never seeing your attacker. I guess I don't mind it as I do it for pure fun. It's not a contest, an e-peen show or anything like that. I don't smacktalk or anything. I'm just there to be a little bit silly and get in some frags. It's a prefect stress reliever actually. I'd highly recommend it.

At least to those people who aren't mentally unstable. I don't want to be responsible for any school/post office shootings or anything.


Also, I reinstalled Oblivion the other day. I'm not sure why, but I had the itching to play it.

This time though, I'm going to /completely ignore/ the main quest, and simply go exploring and doing what side missions I feel like. Plus, I downloaded a hell of a lot of mods for it, so it should be a lot different. One of the big mods (~450 Mb) removes the levelled creatures in the game and makes them all static. So the caves with rats and skeletons won't have Demi-liches and shit later on. That's the upside. The downside is that I might end up in one of those demi-lich infested caves by accident. I'm sure it'll make the game much more tense, and make me play a bit more carefully.

Some of the other mods are simple graphic enhancements, texture changes, one that slows the in-game time by half, and another that slows the levelling by 1/2 too. I'm sure there's more, but they don't make any major modifications. Just nice little tweaks to make the game better. At least IMO.


Other random stuff:

- Vanguard is still funny to follow. Two double XP weekends already and the game's only a month old. Massive nerfs, etc. have been in all the last few patches too. Bad press and word of mouth won't ruin the game. It seems Sigil will be able to kill the game all on their own.
- LotR Online sounds like it'll be a decent game at release. At least a very polished game. I've heard enough conflicting rumours though that I won't be trying it without at least a trial or open beta first. But a fantasy MMO is sooooo played to death, IMO. I doubt I could ever get far with it.
- I still haven't got Jade Empire yet. On my list of things to do/buy.
- Also on the list is seeing 300. My friends all saw it in the IMAX on the night I had to work. Freaking bastards.
- Heroes and Smallville seem to be in mid-season hiatus or something, so I'm going a little stir crazy. Especially since Smallville has been repeats for what seems like /forever/.


That's it, I'm done. I swear.
Laters! o/
The Rev.

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