Friday, March 2, 2007

Hey again. *wave*

No ... it's just me.

Yeah I know, it sucks.

What am I talking about?

Fuck if I know.


You might ask yourself why the fuck I just typed that. If you did, that's probably because you don't know me all that well. People who know me, know that I'm a tad, shall we say ...


Anyway, I guess I just typed that because it's been a confusing few days, to say the least. My weekly tabletop session was thrown for a loop when my friend Inferno phoned to say he wasn't showing up. He was the GM, so we had to find something else to do. I ended up running an old GURPS 3rd Edition game I used to GM instead. So me and the rest of the guys had to remember where we left the group, and how some of the old rules worked. As well as learn all the firearm combat rules again (we've only played 4th Edition in a fantasy setting so far).

It was weird being the GM after not doing it for a least a year or so. It was quite fun, and I had no problem coming up with something for the PCs to do. Perhaps because for a game that I have run the most, I have a surprisingly small amount of information for. Something like 4-5 sheets, of single sided lined paper worth of background info. Along with some scattered scrap paper, mostly for hit points and initiative. And a couple maps of the areas the PCs were in at the time (drawn on the spot, no less).

Me and the guys had lots of fun playing, even though we only got in 2-3 hours tops. Including eating some dinner.

So that was the first thing that was weird. Inferno was missing, not a big deal, right?



He phoned me shortly before the game was over, and told me he was coming over to hang out. Which was extra weird because I /knew/ he had to work that night at 10pm-ish. Then he told me he had phoned in sick.

Okay .... something was up.

Cue Inferno walking in the door as the rest of the group is about to die to some 4 armed zombie like humans, and an undead like animated face hugging hand (I'm really proud of that one. Freaked the shit outta them. ) He goes to the kitchen and comes back ... with a drink. And not a Coke or something.


Clue #1.

He took over his character for the last few bits, and the guys get ready to head off. Then he comes out and tells us the reason he wasn't over earlier. His live-in girlfriend just broke up with him.

Argh. I /knew/ I was in for one hell of a night of being the good friend, trying to keep up his spirits. This break up wasn't going to be one of the easy ones where you just get your buddy loaded and go to the strippers or something. He really cared for her, and they had been living together. First time for him, though he has had some very serious relationships in the past.

So, the other guys get all awkward (as they don't know Inferno as well as me) and they leave. At this point I have had hardly any sleep, not much to eat, and I really wanted to have a nap. But I had to stay up and talk to Inferno about the whole incident. So, cue "good friend Rev who listens and helps without thinking of himself".

It was one hell of a night, let me tell you. I'm not a good guy for feelings, etc., so I'm kinda clueless when it comes to comforting a guy. With women it's not all that hard. With guys I'm used to the whole "don't show your true feelings, just bury them and deal with them on your own" type of thing. For the most part Inferno was like that, but a couple times I could sense he was near breaking down. That kind of thing has only happened to me once, with an old roommate. He was drunk and pissed off about his parents, and for some reason he started crying. I had /no fucking clue/ what to do. I just kind of sat there, quietly. Dumbfounded.

Anyway, back to Inferno. I tried my best to keep his mind off of things, and I even let him use my computer as the second one is toast. I dragged out the /really old/ one the other day to try and swap power supplies, but it's so old almost nothing runs on it. So Inferno played my computer for a while, and after I tried to nap on the couch and couldn't, we played some Bloodbowl.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Bloodbowl is a miniatures game made by Games Workshop, the same guys who make Warhammer and such. It's quite popular with the geeks and stuff. In Bloodbowl you play an American football type of game, except it's supposed to be a bloodsport. Players can die, get hurt, etc. It's fantasy themed so all the teams are like Humans, Orcs, Undead, Elves, etc. Your players can earn points and get better over time. It's like an RPG in a sense, except instead of one character, you have a team of them.

So, we're playing Bloodbowl. I'm tired and he's preoccupied of course, so the turns are taking /forever/. I wasn't playing to lose, but I didn't care if I lost either. Most of the time I just did the first thing I could think of, as I had a hard time concentrating. What happens?

I end up hurting /three/ of his 11 players. And 2 of them end up /dead/. It's something that's rarely happened in our previous games. Now Inferno has /really/ gotten into Bloodbowl for some reason, and he takes it pretty personally when he loses a game, or players. So this made me feel worse.

The guy's in the dumps and I end up making it worse. I blame the dice. They're cursed I tell you.

So Inferno finally left in the morning, as that's when his girlfriend was off to work. I managed to stay awake for a little bit, so I could at least eat something. Then I went to sleep and woke up ....

13 hours later. Fuck was I tired.

I did see Inferno a day or so later, and he seemed a bit better, but he was working a double shift, so I think work was helping keep his mind off of things.


Okay, that was weird. It wasn't something that I've had to really deal with before. At least not on the same level.

Now onto the latest thing.

I went to work last night and one of my co-workers asked me if I remember a girl we worked with a few years ago. I did, actually. But that's because she and I were friends, and were kind of dating before she quit, and things didn't really pan out. It just didn't feel right. Don't ask. Hard to explain.

Apparently, she was at work yesterday, wanting to know my address (I've moved a couple times since then). I asked why, and my co-worker said cause she's getting married. I'm assuming she wants to send me an invitation.


I'm happy for her and everything, but what the hell is it and people I know getting married all of a sudden? I've had /at least one/ marriage to go to each year for the last few years. And my one tabletop friend is having a kid soon. In the span of one year, I'm going to have had 3 cousins get married, one friend have a kid and an ex-girlfriend (sorta) get married. What? Is there like a deadline or something? Like tax time, but for marriages?

I dunno. Maybe it's just coincidence.

Or maybe it just /feels like/ it's all happening at the same time. I mean, my memory is getting a little bad. Things that happened a year ago feel like yesterday. Time is like, faster, or something. Maybe that guy Hiro from the show Heroes has something to do with it. Space-time continuum fuck up or something.

I guess it just weirds me out, and kinda bums me out at the same time. I've probably had the shittiest luck when it comes to relationships, and the last few years have just /flown/ by, it's scary. Before I know it I'm gonna be like 60 or something.

I guess I'm lucky that I'm an empathetic kind of person. If people around me are happy, I'm usually happy. If they're down, it brings me down. At least people are going to be happier. At least I hope.


But enough of the personal shit. I'm sorry to have burdened you all with it. I assure you I'm not going all "emo" on you. It's just some stuff I needed to share (or type), as I've been feeling a tad "off" as it were.

Maybe it's cause I've actually been outside and seen the sun a couple times this last week. Most winters up here I rarely see the sun due to the night shift and my sleeping patterns. It's not good for the body, I'm sure. But hey ... you can bet I'm not going to get skin cancer anytime soon.


Let's see .... what else is there to tell you?

Vanguard is pretty funny to watch declining already. The forums are /ablaze/ with trolling, flaming and fanboy praising of late. The increase to the SOE All Access Station Pass as well as the Double XP weekend have caused quite a stir. The former has people guessing that players from other SOE games will drop Vanguard with the price increase. The latter has people wondering if it's just a ploy to keep people subscribed, as a lot of players aren't resubbing after the free month. Most are leaving either permanently, or for a few months to see how the game progresses after the bugs have been ironed out (hopefully).

I think Vanguard is headed for life support. And I'm actually kind of happy it is. I know that it's not a nice thing to think, but the attitude of the fanboys ("vanbois") is /really irritating/. For whatever reason, they think that every other game is for fucking children and Vanguard is for grown-ups. They think because they game is "hardcore", that it gives them the right to talk down to anyone else. They just don't get it that they are simply shooting themselves in the foot, and their elitist attitude is only going to drive other players from the game, eventually killing it.

As my one co-worker always says, "Fuck 'em." They can have the pile of crap all to themselves. Once Age of Conan, Warhammer and Lord of the Rings Online come out, Vanguard will die. And they will finally see what they did wrong. Then they'll probably go do it all again.


I'm probably going to get the new PC version of Jade Empire soon. I've thought about it for a while, and since Bioware tends to make top quality games, and they're from here (woot!), I should support them. Plus it doesn't hurt, since I've always wanted to work there. Who would you hire? The guy who's played all your games? Or the guy who hasn't even heard of them? Not a difficult decision.

In EVE news my co-worker Satan has moved on to level 4 missions. They are a /very big step up/ from the level 3s myself and my other co-worker Kofi are running, so Satan is using both his accounts to fly two ships at once. His main account is flying a battleship (semi-tanking and DPSing) equipped with guns and missiles, while the other character flies a battleship equipped with shield transporters (shield healing in a sense), energy draining weapons (to power the transporters), and heavy missiles (cause they use no energy). And he's having one hell of a time.

Making credits, that is. Fucker said he made 50 million in a couple /days/. And that's only playing a few hours. Just for comparison, I've got 50 million in my character's wallet, and that's after a month or so. But, the one equalizer is that he's had to save and work hard to earn the credits to buy the two battleships he's got. Plus, if he runs into a very hairy situation, or lags to hell, he can be out a couple hundred million credits worth of ships. I'm sure he's insured them, but the insurance doesn't cover the modules or cargo. And it's usually 1/3rd the cost of the ship, for 12 weeks (or until it's blown up).


In BF2142, Kofi and I have been kicking some fucking ass.

In one battle I got a shitload of medals, pins and badges, and wound up getting promoted /twice/. I think I earned something like 1200 points or more. It was awesome.

But the bastard Kofi has been playing without me, so he's now a rank above me, and quite a few points ahead. He even got the knife badge (8 kills in a round), the dogtag pin (7 unique knife kills in a round, must be different people's tags) and the pistol badge (5 kills in a round). Now I have to get them too. I ended up playing a lot later than I should the other day, trying to get the knife badge. It was awesome. I had some great moments where I snuck up and knifed some unsuspecting enemy. Had a couple of bunny-hopping knife fights too. But they all ended up in us pulling weapons, and me getting shot. The sniper rifle ain't all that good at close range, I'll tell ya.


I can't really think of anything else.
I'm betting that you're glad. I've gone on long enough now, haven't I?

Catch you all on the flip side.

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