Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another note about Vanguard:

I got my main character, a Kojani Human Disciple, ie. Melee/Healer type, to level 11 the other day. Went to the next area in Kojan (one of the continents), and began looking for stuff to do. I found 3 quests, quickly finished them in an hour or so, and started looking for more. NPC directs me to next NPC quest giver, ride my horse there (not much faster than walking, BTW), and grab the 3-4 quests I can find. All of them are labelled "Group", except one. But all of them are vs. level 14 mobs. I'm level 11, maybe close to 12. Not good. Most of the mobs are social, and are in groups. Usually one mob or more per group is a 3-dot mob, ie. Group mob, very hard to solo. Effectively, I would have to "grind" random lvl 12 mobs so that I could level up to 13, and maybe attempt to solo the one non-group quest. Or find a team of people and attempt it. Except I have hardly noticed anyone since I hit lvl 10 and left the first area.

Great. Good job Sigil. Way to make me want to play more (not that I was going to buy the game anyway, but nonetheless a poor job).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. My main character's class got nerfed to shit the other day. During an "emergency patch" in the middle of primetime. What was the emergency? Class balancing, apparently. Almost no bugs were fixed, but 3 classes got nerfed. WTF, Sigil? Are you guys on /crack/? The game is already buggy as hell, and that gets on people's nerves, and you go pull shit like nerfing people's characters? Get the fucking bugs fixed first, dumb-asses.

On top of all that, the "Vanbois" (Vanguard fanboys) have been fairly bitchy as of late, and aren't helping people stick with the game. Their elitist attitudes, and blind faith in Brad McQuaid is pushing some players away from the game. Not a great thing when apparently, Vanguard is the most expensive MMO ever made, even moreso than WoW. And Brad McQ said that they need /at least/ 250,000 players to make the game fiscally viable. In other words, pay off the huge debt they've accumulated. Right now there isn't even 250k /characters/ on all the Vanguard servers, as listed on the Vanguard character stats page. You can even see the alts tied to the same account. Just randomly checking some, I found a lot of people have 3-5 characters on their accounts. And that includes people who played pre-order and cancelled before launch, as well as all the 10 day buddy key people.

Overall, it's not looking good for Sigil and Vanguard. I can see possible financial difficulties in their immediate future. Either that, or Brad and Sigil end up selling the game to Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), their co-publisher, like they did when they made EQ1. I bet people will just /love/ him if he does that again.

I can't wait to see how this turns out, actually. Either way it'll be entertaining. If it succeeds and they fix the bugs, add content, improve performance, and fix pretty much /everything/, the game might just well be one of the best out there. If they don't, it'll be like seeing a train wreck. It's horrible and terrifying .... but you just can't take your eyes off it.


In other news, I'm still fiddling with EVE Online. And when I say "fiddling", I mean logging in, setting my skill training, and logging off to go play something else.

I don't know what it is. I've tried to get myself to play the game. It's right there, waiting for me to click on it. But I just can't get myself to do it. And I don't know why. Maybe it's because I've tried it before, a number of times, and it hasn't managed to hold my attention for more than a month or two, max. Maybe subconsciously, I won't let myself get into the game, cause I think it'll just let me down again. Maybe that's the truth. Or maybe it's just me "jumping to conclusions" like I always do. Maybe it's the ADD some people say I have.

I dunno. When some video games can keep me engrossed in them forever, why is it a game with so much going for it, can't get me to play it, even for an hour at a time?

We'll have to see. If I can't get myself to play EVE after my account expires at the end of this month, I think I need to give the game a "permanent goodbye". Like delete my character. It's worked in the past, to some extent. But with the real-time skill training, it makes it that much harder to even contemplate it. I'd be losing /6-7 months/ of playtime. If I went back, there'd be no way of catching back up. I'd have to play for 6-7 months again, just to get to the same point. It's actually a pretty harsh system when you take a good, hard look at it.

I dunno. Perhaps down the road, I'll find that mystical game that had everything I've wanted in an MMO. I'm not holding my breath though. I'm a pessimist at heart.


Till next time (when I'll probably go on another MMO tangent/rant/expletive laden diatribe ).
The Rev.

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