Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Well, not much happened since my last entry.

Xmas, New Years and such. But they were all just "meh" as usual. I don't get excited about holidays anymore. It's always the same old shit.

About the only thing that was of any interest was my cousin's wedding, just before New Years. I got to see almost all of my relatives, and had a bit of fun. I should have stayed over at my aunt's instead of heading back home, cause I only ended up falling asleep once I got home. I was planning to go do something interesting. Oh well ...


Work has been the usual crap. What's new there?


I'm almost done NWN 2, and I have to say, I'm really getting bored of it, and I just want to finish it. The later stages might actually be fun, if I wasn't almost max level, and hadn't amassed a fortune, and found almost the best weapons I could get. There's really nothing to look forward to from here to the end. I've got all the feats I wanted, all the gear I could imagine. The last few levels will just be +hitpoints and +base attack bonus. Yippee ....

And the camera has been pissing me off tremendously as of late. The inability of Obsidian to make blocking buildings/trees/etc. transparent or somesuch is fucking stupid. They had it in the first NWN. Why not this one?


I'd also like to finish NWN 2 so I can get on with my other SP games. I still have GTA San Andreas to finish. Luckily my friend brought me the cracked copy again, so I can continue my previous game. I really didn't want to play those 30+ hours all over again.

I also have NFS Most Wanted to play, though it's a lot easier for casual play than anything. I can simply load it up, play for 30mins to an hour and actually get a lot accomplished. I like that. No wasted playtime. NWN 2 has a bunch of fucking running around that I hate. And the inability to have permanent Haste boots makes it that much more annoying.


As for online games, Kofi and I haven't had any time to team up in BF2142 since just before Xmas. He's played a few more matches than me, and luckily he's got better, so he's actually a little higher up than me. We're both still ranked "Gunner Gold", but he's got 30-40 pts on me. I didn't want to play a lot at first, cause I had a rank or two on him, and if we hit a Rank restricted server, we might not be able to play together.

He's also picked up a few tricks and tips along the way, so that's good too.

As well, for some /stupid reason/ I thought I should re-activate my EVE Online subscription a day or so after New Years. I honestly can't tell you why I did it, especially since I haven't actually played since I re-activated it. I've logged in, looked at a few things on the Market, checked out some new Skills, and popped over to another system to pick up a couple purchases. But other than that, I've simply been logging in at set times to change my skill training.

I think my initial reason for re-subbing was to see the new Exploration content. But after looking at a helpful guide on the forums, then checking things out in-game, I found out that I was several days, to /a week or two away/ from even being able to do anything. Great. So I've been training up my skills so I can simply use the equipment needed to go exploring (ie. finding hidden content in a system, via probes and a scanner). And what's even better, the probes are freaking expensive.

But at least they aren't as pricey as the skill my one co-worker would need to get to try out the new Invention system. He needs some named skill, that's drop only (via a random NPC). Currently it's something like 400 million ISK (credits). He's better off just buying the Tech II ships/modules at market price, than trying to Invent limited run blueprints to make them himself.

It's really kind of stupid actually. At least I was smart and already de-activated my subscription. I won't get billed next month. I even left a funny remark in the "Other comments" field in the form. I told the guys at CCP to enjoy my 15 bucks. Said that they should use it to get some beer. At least one of us should get some fun out of it.


Speaking of my co-worker, whom I'll call Satan from now on (cause that's what we call him at work. Don't ask ), he has been talking a lot about Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (an soon released MMO from the guys who designed the original EQ) recently. His expectations have been high, cause he's hoping that it'll capture what EQ was, minus all the annoyances, plus some new goodies.

I was sorry to tell him about all the comments I read on the MMORPG.com forums about the game, now that it's in an Open Beta. Well, technically it's not "open" yet, as only pre-order customers and Fileplanet subscribers can play or even download the client. Anyway, all the rabble I've been hearing is /not good in the least/, and it's seems only the die-hard fanboys (or "vanbois" as someone called them) are praising the game. Everyone else says the game is nowhere near ready to release, and it suffers from massive performance issues, a complete lack of fun (yikes!), and an overall feeling of being stitched together like Frankenstein's monster.

He says that he's still going to try the open beta, but I hope he doesn't get the game. I know he's been kind of bored at the moment (like me), and has been looking for a good MMO to keep him occupied for a while. It seems like he might get the game just for something new to play, even if it's not a good game. Luckily for me, it seems like my MMO addiction (or whatever it was) has passed, and I can see the games for what they really are. There's no blinders anymore. I can't plop down good money for unfinished games, mindless grinds, and lack of interesting plots anymore. (NWN 2 doesn't count, even though it has some annoying glitches. I'm not paying a monthly fee for it)

I still might try the open beta for Vanguard though, just so I can see how bad it is with my own eyes. Plus, I want to see their seemless world and how massive it is. Just cause I like exploring things.


Other than possibly fiddling with the Vanguard beta, there's no MMO out there now that could make me play it. The only one that seems to get me at all interested is Tabula Rasa. But there's so little information about the game, I can't really make any decisions on it yet. I signed up for the closed beta, as they posted about it on the MMORPG.com forums. Hopefully, my former status as a CoX subscriber gets me some kind of preferential treatment (even a little), so I can see how the game is, and possibly help them turn it into a quality MMO. The MMO market is getting so saturated with crap now, I can barely stand it.

I really wish there was some editor program that let me make a giant, seemless gameworld people could explore. Even if it was only so that they could walk around in it, and see the sights. That would be awesome. I might fiddle around with the NWN 2 editor after I finish the game, and see if I can make some interesting areas to explore. But unless they fix the damn camera, I doubt I could actually turn it into something people could play.


Enough ranting for now.
Gotta save some of it for next time.


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