Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It seems Nevrax's bankruptcy issues haven't gone away. In fact they got worse. The company has gone into receivership.

Basically, they're looking to be bought by another company, who will then decide what to do with the game. I'm betting they just take the game engine and sell it, or sell off the server hardware or something. The new buyers might try and change Ryzom to attract more customers, but in the end it'll just end up like Horizons. No one will be playing and they'll still have assloads of problems.

It's too bad. Ryzom had a nice take on an MMO, even though it had some major shortcomings. Even if they changed the game a lot, I doubt I'd ever play it again. It was cool at first cause things were different, but after a while it really sank in that the game was exceedingly low on content. Grinding mobs is not content. And I don't care how much an RPer tirades about RPing being content, I still don't believe an MMO should get away with not having quests, dungeons, raids, player cities, or what have you. If it's a sandbox, give us some freaking tools, don't just plop us in the sand with nothing to work with.


I've been playing a lot of NWN 2. I even fiddled with the toolset some more. It's waaaay more complex compared to the first NWN toolset, at least when it comes to terrain. It took me quite a while, and some reading up on the lengthy help page to figure out how to simply alter the terrain. After I fool around with it some more, I should be able to create at least a half-assed area. In the old version I could make a town in around 15 minutes. Now just the landscape could take /hours/.

The NPC henchmen in NWN2 are quite interesting as well. They keep fighting with each other and insulting one another. So far, the dwarf fighter is the only one I can really stand. At least he's straight up and seems to have my back. The other henchmen don't seem like they could be the most trustworthy. Plus, they all want me to do things aside from my main objective. The tiefling chick is really becoming an annoyance. She's getting a little to "uppity" for my tastes. Especially considering that I saved her ass in the beginning and gave her equipment as she had nothing to use.

I'm also finding that I need to play my character more Chaotic. I've been playing as the fairly good guy and that's okay, as my alignment is Chaotic Good. But I've been doing things too Lawful, and if I slip to Neutral Good I won't be able to level up as a Warlock any further. Sooooo .... I started demanding money from people, taking bribes, breaking the law, etc. I think my alignment is a little more secure now. I don't know what the NPC henchmen are feeling, but I do know the one sorcerer chick doesn't like me at all. It doesn't matter anyway, as my Warlock is far better as a caster than her, and I don't need two casters. With the max party of 4 I really could use a Cleric instead of my current Druid. She's pretty useless ATM. Except for the Call Lightning spell. That one rocks.


Hmmmm .... as for other news, Heroes and Smallville were both good this week. Heroes was much better of course, but Smallville was good too.

My tabletop group has started our GURPS Vikings game, and I think we're slowly winning the non-GURPS players over. The system is very math heavy, and there's rules for everything, but it's soooooo diverse. You can make whatever character you want, and it's much more realistic than DnD for example. Plus, our GURPS games always focus more on the RP than the combat. Combat in GURPS is /always/ dangerous, so fighting isn't necessarily the best option.

Our session on Sunday was really fun. Hopefully we can get together semi-regularly this winter. Over the summer it's been iffy at best.

Can't think of anything else.
Till next time.
*signing off*

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