Thursday, September 7, 2006

My friend gave me a copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to play. All I gotta say ... WTF are the characters saying? I can't understand a line of this "homeboy gangsta" crap. GTA 3 was fun, and easy to follow. This doesn't seem to have a real story at all. At least, I can't understand it well enough to follow whatever story there is.

I don't see much point in playing it other than to drive around super fast, and try to avoid the cops. Personally, I rather just have one of the Need for Speed games for that though. At least those titles made the driving part more realistic and more importantly, /fun/. I don't know why my friend is so into it. he said he's been playing it all the time. Seems kinda weird coming from an RTS/Strategy gamer.

[EDIT: Man .. I gotta read over my previous posts before I make new ones. I've ranted about how I hate fantasy RP and DnD 3.5 a bunch of times now. Starting to sound like a broken record. ]

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