Monday, September 4, 2006

I've been watching the Firefly series on DVD that my friend lent me, and man .... it's fucking coooooool.

I can't believe that it was ever taken off the air, though I can see how the "big wigs" in charge could pull any show if it's not getting the ratings they think it should. I think I'll have to watch the Serenity movie again, just so I can see how things are. It really sucks that I watched the movie before I saw the show. Oh well ... what's done is done, I guess.

I also don't know what's been with me lately. Video games wise, I mean. I've got the worst case of game ADD imaginable. I can play something for days, thoroughly entertained, then almost instantaneously, I'm bored with it. About the only thing that hasn't bored me, and never seems to even though I've been playing it forever now, is multiplayer FEAR. But with that, I only play for about an hour or so, then I feel like I've got my "fix" for the day. I'm guessing it's my PvP fix, or maybe it's simply my "fix" of a game that actually entertains me.

For the last while I've been hopping from MMO to MMO, playing different singleplayer games, etc. None of them have entertained me for very long. Some have become boring quickly, others have taken a while. But the end result is the same.

I'm thinking that it's cause I haven't found a game that actually can engage me, and keep me playing. Most have such shallow gameplay, and cliched stories that I can't bear to keep playing them. Dungeon Seige II was one of these. It's such a mind numbing game. You simply click and kill stuff. The story isn't that interesting, and the level design is so linear you might as well be playing a side-scrolling game. It was fun for a while when my friend and I co-op'd it, but we both got bored fairly quickly.

Oblivion is cool, and has some awesome graphics and environments. But it's basically a dungeon crawling game. There seems to be little else in it, unless you go with the thieves guild quests. But I haven't been interested in those, as that usually entails simply sneaking around and stealing something. You get seen, you fail the quest. I dunno, it's kinda like the Thief series of games, and those never were all too engaging for me either. In Oblivion, I simply sneak around and sneak attack things with my bow. The odd person sees me, but they usually die quickly enough.

The main quest isn't very interesting, from what I've played with my other character. It's very cliche, and I've heard it doesn't take very much time /at all/. That's not something I like in an RPG. FPSes are usually like this, not RPGs.

As for MMOs, I've come to the conclusion that they've basically become a way for me to waste some time. Not in that they are a time sink, more like "I have nothing better to do, so I'll go play an MMO for a few hours so I'm not bored". All of the ones I've played in the last 6 months or so have been to keep me occupied until I can find something better to do. Right now I'm not playing any of them as I have the Firefly series to watch. But there's only 3 episodes left, and I still have 2 days off still this week. So, what am I gonna do with my spare time on my days off? Probably play an MMO. Why? So I have something to do. It's either that, or sleep. And I can only sleep for so long.

Hopefully, my RL friend will still be working night shifts like me, and have the same days off. At least I can convince him to come over and play some FEAR. We usually get into debates about roleplaying games, or come up with cool new ideas for video games or tabletop campaigns too. It's fun to get the creative juices flowing. My brain's been feeling so "dead" for a while. Coming up with new ideas helps get rid of that.

I think what I really need is a whack load of books to read. Like the rest of the Song of Ice and Fire series, or perhaps some more sci-fi or cyberpunk-ish stuff. Fantasy is good and all, but sci-fi is so much more my style. I like that the characters usually act just like we do, it's just that their lives are "different". Different technology, slightly different problems, but same kind of behaviour. I've never really understood fantasy stuff that much. I can't wrap my head around why people would do the things they do, or even how much different their lives are from ours. Same thing happens to me with my tabletop gaming. My DnD rogue is simply a bunch of stats and abilities to me. I can't see him any other way.

At least I'm kind of lucky I have to work when we usually play. I haven't got to join the group for a couple weeks now, and I won't be able to for a couple more, at least. Hopefully, by the time I'm able to play again, they'll be ready to try GURPS 4th edition out. DnD 3.5 is too fucking "video game like" for my tastes. And I hate class systems /intensely/.

Oh well ... seems I've gone on long enough.

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