Thursday, September 21, 2006

I made a new trial account for the Saga of Ryzom the other day, cause they're allowing everyone to try out their Ryzom Ring toolset for 2 weeks. I was/am a big fan of the Neverwinter Nights toolset, so I wanted to see how good the Ryzom one was.

It's actually very easy to use, as there's no scripting involved. The conversation trees need to be worked on, as there can only be "yes/no" answers, but it's still quite good. Hopefully this brings in enough players for Nevrax so they can pour some more money into developing the game. Apparently, they've been under "scrutiny" by their investors, so they needed to change things in order to raise/make profits. The game is good, it just need some polish. And a little tweaking.

One thing I noticed was that almost all the female avatars have their chest sizes maxed. It's quite bizarre, especially if their body has been set to slim. Say hello to "Chesty La Rue": (no, that's not the actual character's name )

It's also funny how the Matis female armour usually consists of a thong for the crotch. There's leg armour, but it just doesn't cover the pelvic region very well. Guess they need to be able to pee? All they need to add is the bent forward run of the Dark Elf females from Lineage 2. Then you'd get a nice shot of their snatch.

This time around (as I found myself actually playing again, just for something else to do) I made a Tryker character. It's funny. Like when I played SWG, I'm the short character. My Zabrak in SWG was a whack shorter than most other characters (for some reason), and my RL friend ended up playing a Wookie. In RL I'm a giant, and he's a midget. Irony there, huh?

Anyway, my Tryker is short, but he's actually the tallest I could make him as a Tryker. So he's not that much shorter than a Fyros or a Matis. The Zorai are all tall and thin, so they mostly tower over my guy. I also tried to modify his face to make him a little less "anime looking". See for yourself. The base model is the left, my guy is the right.


In other news, I've been playing San Andreas a /lot/. It's actually quite fun, though I'm finding it hard to raise my Driving skill. My motorcycle skill is maxed already, and I haven't even left the first city (there are 3). But that's cause I used the motorcycle exclusively when I started. The one bike is so crazy fast and maneuverable, it's nuts. San Andreas is actually an interesting game, in the way it's open ended, in a sense. It's kind of like a "sandbox MMO", but without the other players. The city is so freaking big, I get lost a lot. I did cab driver missions just so I could get a feel for the first city. It's nice how you have stats for your guy, and you can skill him up as you like. Though I bet that you end up being maxed in all the skills by the end, as it seems like you use them all as time goes on. If there was a MP version of the game, with the SP parts of gang-wars and claiming territory, it'd be fucking awesome. Either that, or just being able to team up with a friend or two and do some drive-bys. Would be loads of fun.


In futher news, I made a 14 day trial account for EVE Online just so I could get some screenshots of the one ship, the Cormorant. I'm thinking about using it as the PCs ship in the space game I want to eventually run. It looks badass, and it should work as a hauler/warship hybrid, to be somewhat like Serenity and the Millennium Falcon. Luckily, my friend said it'd be okay to throw some ship gravity in the game (retconning some of the past Marine stuff, or just ignoring the discontinuity). He said we need to use "some" of the super-science stuff for ships, otherwise the game wouldn't be all that interesting. Like, who really wants to worry about escape velocity, reaction mass, zero gravity, free-fall skill rolls, acceleration, energy consumption, etc.? The list goes on. I think we'll just kind of explain it, and leave it in the background. It's not going to be a primarily space combat game anyway, so the ship just becomes a mobile home for the PCs.


I also managed to download the torrent for Descent Freespace 2, as it was made open-source a few years ago. Some people have made mods for it, and they improve the graphics and stuff. I played the first Freespace, so I'm going to try this one out. The first couple missions are pretty cool. The Battleship weapons are badass. Think of a mini-Death Star cannon. Instant ship nuking.

Ooops. Better head off.
Till next time.

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