Sunday, September 24, 2006

The GW weekend event has been extended until noon on Monday, but I don't think I'll play much more of it. I played for 3 hours today, and it was already getting stale. My co-worker told me he got bored with the core game quite rapidly, and never continued playing it. I can kinda see why. The main quests are cool, and the instanced areas and cutscenes do help make you feel more important than the average MMO character. But between those, you wind up doing the standard quests for people, not "kill X of ", but still mindlessly repetitive stuff nonetheless. And it seems to be the majority of the time you play. The main quests are quick, 30 mins things, or less. The side quests take hours and hours to finish. Not a good balance.

Another gripe is that you don't really have new abilities as you level up. I only added two new abilities in the 8 lvls I played, aside from picking up Elementalist as a secondary profession. And the 2 abilities could have been changed a while ago. I only used 2 spells from Elementalist, the rest of my 6 spells were mostly Death Magic ones from Necromancer. It was fairly easy to get a chain of spells down that made quick work of the enemies. I had to keep watch on my bone minions and stuff, as they slowly die after being created. But other than that, it got to be:
1) Attack mob, signalling NPCs to attack as well (couldn't figure out the key to make them attack first)
2) Fire Rain spell (DoT AoE)
3) Cast either - Cold AoE spell
- Lightning Blast

If my necro minions died, I'd just summon another, provided there was a corpse around. And the odd time I would cast Death Nova on one of them, if they were close to dying, or converting from a fleshy type to a bone type (works like death). Other than that, it wasn't too hard. Most of my deaths were caused by stupid AI decisions from my NPC teammates.

I dunno. Perhaps it would be more fun with an actual team of real people, as you could figure out strategies and stuff. But for the most part, you don't need to. I managed to take down +3-4 lvl mobs with little trouble. Most times I died it was from grabbing all the aggro, or from getting jumped by a wandering group of mobs while fighting another group.

Have to say though. It was a nice distraction for a couple days. Not likely something I could play very often or for too long, but it was a nice change of pace.

Now off to play something truly good .... Like FEAR!

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