Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I kept fiddling with Ryzom (SoR) just for something to do, and cause I knew I was doing /something/ wrong. Well I was ...

I found a spot that had good mobs for my skill level, and proceeded to grind up a few levels over a couple days. I probably could have got more, but it got old quick. I usually ended up going off to play FEAR MP some more.

Anyway, SoR has some more bizarre features that I don't get. And it's become quite pointless to play. Today I noticed lvl 40 mobs near the region border (it's seemless, BTW) and lvl 100+ mobs a few meters away. How is that good game design? There wasn't even a noticeable shift in the environment, nor a bottleneck or anything to keep the areas separate. All some new player needs to do is move a little too far, and they've aggroed a mob that will easily kill them, and quite possibly wipe their whole team. It seems the people at Nevrax need to take a few courses on game design at a college or something.

I'm also bored with SoR cause I tried to explore a bit, but because the areas are soooo freaking huge, it takes forever to get anywhere. A mount isn't too expensive (I think I can afford one now), but it can get killed, easily. And you just lose your money. Another bone-headed mistake when it comes to game design. But, since the mobs are 60+ lvls higher than me in the adjacent areas, I'm stuck where I am. The only way out is if some fellow high lvl players come and escort me out. And the population of the game is so small, that's not going to be an easy task.

My account expires for SoR in less than a week, I believe. I'm not re-subscribing (I already had cancelled it a few days after I activated it), so it'll be another MMO I've tried and quit. It's too bad too. It has some cool features, but overall the game is lacking in a lot of core areas.


As for WoW (which I've also been fiddling with, just cause I'm bored), I don't think I'll play it again either. That subscription ends on Sunday, so there's not much time left. I never got a character above lvl 10, cause I got bored so quick. I've played it all before, and done all the races starting areas (some multiple times) so there's nothing I haven't seen already. The only cool things were the times it rained in the Tirisfal Glades (Undead starter area), and the addons I found to change the game's UI and stuff. I think I actually spent as much time fiddling with different UI mods than I did actually playing.

I've made some acquaintances already on my server, as some of them are from my old server, and came to this one cause it was new (less than a month old). But I don't really interact with them much, aside from the sporadic chatting in the OOC channel.

I was thinking about joining an RP guild, and getting into the RP aspects of WoW. I played solo the entire time I played WoW before (6 months), I simply chatted with the people in the OOC channel for fun while questing. My RL friend and I did team up a few times, but our disparate lvling rates fucked that up in no time. And my alt-itis didn't help either. Anyway, I was thinking about RPing in WoW, but I found I couldn't get into my character at all. I don't really understand fantasy RP, as my tabletop DnD group probably figured out already ( I rarely talk in-character. Mostly I just crack the odd OOC joke). I'm also a sci-fi/comic book lover at heart.

Don't get me wrong, I love things like LotR and some of the fantasy books I've read (Song of Ice and Fire series comes to mind), but that's different, as they are narratives. I don't have to interact at all, I simply observe/read what's going on. I like the story and the characters, but I have no real idea how to RP them myself.

In tabletop, I've only GMed one session of a fantasy campaign, and it didn't go very well. The PCs were poorly skilled for the foes I put them up against, and everyone didn't really seem to understand my homegrown fantasy world.

But when I've GMed sci-fi stuff, my friends all seem to have a great time, and I can /easily/ slip into character with the NPCs, talking as them, rather than talking about them like a novel. e.g.. "The innkeeper asks you where you are from and why you've come to this small village." compared with "You folks don't seem to be from around here. Where do you hail from, and what business brings you here to our little hamlet?" I've noticed my tabletop group sometimes plays this way though, referring to everything and everyone as third person. They don't always act in-character. It's quite jarring. But then again, we are playing DnD 3.5, which is more like a fucking computer/board game than it is like a roleplaying game. The whole thing revolves around stats, numbers, tables, etc. There's little room for any character to show though.

I've been hoping my one friend and I can convince the rest of the group to try out GURPS 4th edition, as it's insanely more flexible, characters are skill-based rather than stuck in a cookie-cutter class, the rewards for playing are based on actually /role-playing/, not what level you are vs. what lvl the monster was, etc. It's a lot more realistic though, so you can't have the "high fantasy" setting as easily. But I have always found it far more interesting. Even Cyberpunk 2020 was a hell of a lot more fun than DnD 3.5.


I think that's it for now. Time for some sleep. I'll rant about something else later. Perhaps Oblivion.

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