Monday, July 10, 2006

One very handy thing for anyone who's read my bit about The Saga of Ryzom and is thinking about trying it out:

Download the Ruins of Silan Starter Guide

It's a very informative almost comic-style manual of sorts, designed to help people through the starter island and teach them the basics of the game. I read it after I had played for quite a while, and now it's made me think of starting over again. I've made some half-assed decisions on new spells for my Mage, and I think I've probably gimped him a little. I've tried to get most of the powers, instead of specializing. Now he's weaker than he should be, but he can do more stuff. Some of which I almost /never use/.

Plus, I don't really like the way he looks, and since you can't alter your character's face or body (only hair and tattoos) after you make them, I might re-roll him. That, and I want to try out the Fighting skills more. Plus, Crafting and Harvesting are looking to be more interesting. Especially since you can make different stuff, based on the stats of the items, unlike the way it is in WoW.


Speaking of WoW, I talked with my one co-worker today about it (as she's constantly inundating me with her raiding exploits almost everytime I see her, as if I'm actually interested in it at all ). Anyway, she told me her boyfriend, who also plays WoW (shocker, I'm sure ), got an invite to Beta-test Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. But he said he doesn't want to, cause it's just like original EQ, so they punish you when you die (loss of XP, de-lvling, corpse runs). I told her how Ryzom had XP debt, similar to CoX, except you have to pay it off before you get any XP. She was like, "But that's punishing you!". I was kind of like . This coming from a girl who played EQ1 for /years/. Now she wants no penalties for death? And one other time she was bitching how there's "heal-aggro" in WoW (she plays a healer full-time).

I just can't get over her change in attitude. It really throws a wrench into Brad McQuaid's idea that core gamers (read: old school EQ gamers) want to bring back the days of death penalties and long travel times. I also know a current EQ gamer who said her and all her friends, ie. EQ friends, won't be playing Vanguard cause some of them played the Beta and [quote:] "it sucks". More and more it seems like Vanguard is headed for rough waters. And it's not even near release yet. Yikes ....

[For those who don't know, Brad McQuaid is the lead designer of Sigil, the developer of Vanguard. He's also one of the original EQ designers, and was the chief reason it was so popular (at least with EQ-junkies).]

This also reminds me that I should write up a WoW rant. Hmm ... maybe I'll post one tomorrow.

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