Monday, July 3, 2006

My friend from work came over last night and we played some X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. Okay ... not "some". More like /fucking hours of/.

But we were stupid, and ended up playing the first and second Rebel missions in Balance of Power over and over. They were sooooooooo fucking hard, it was ridiculous.

Then, I realize I had the difficulty setting on Medium, not Easy. We try again, and it's a fucking breeze. Hours wasted failing the same missions over and over.

Now, you must realize that Medium difficulty in XvT has absolutely nothing to do with any sane person's idea of "Medium". Easy is a fucking cake walk. Medium is pure and utter hell. Hard ... well, you're better off gouging your eyes out. You'd probably end up having more fun.

We also tried the first few missions for the Empire. For some stupid reason, in the Imperial missions, your squadmates are insanely good. There were numerous times where we never got any kills. Only a few assists. During the Rebel missions, we'd average 11 kills or more. Like WTF?

Basically, we played a huge number of the Imperial missions, some a few times as we overzealously destroyed ships we were supposed to inspect /first/, and wound up not advancing in rank at all. After repeating the Rebel missions forever, we'd would up almost Veterans. Yet the Imperial missions never increased our ranks once. Weird. The difficulty setting is totally bizarre when it comes to promotions.

It was a ton of fun, as we were both being so utterly stupid, and mocking our co-workers while playing. I even did a fairly good British accent while reading our mission debriefing, mocking the voices from the game. At least it was good enough to make two sleep-deprived guys almost piss themselves.


I also showed my friend some of multiplayer FEAR, Freelancer, and some other games that I don't really remember. He really liked FEAR though. Hopefully, he picks it up, and we can team up online. It's a blast in MP.

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