Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I've decided to start a blog page. Why, you might ask? Well it's simple.

I used to play City of Heroes, an MMORPG about comic book characters. I was in a supergroup (i.e.. a guild) and I had a thread on their forums where I could ramble on about anything I wanted.

Well, I'm not playing the game anymore, so it doesn't seem fitting that I use their forums for my ramblings/rants/general malcontent, even if they say it's okay. Furthermore, I'm trying to keep from falling back into the game, so I've decided to move away from it entirely.

It's not that I don't like the people I know there. It's just that being around them makes me want to play the game. Not to actually play the game, but to be able to chat with them. Silly, isn't it?

Anyway, this is going to be my rambling blog of whatever stupid shit pops into my brain.


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